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D'. Palais Louis
About D'. Palais Louis

Inspired by the magnificence and permanence of the Palace of Versailes (France), D’. Palais Louis was built to become a significant and everlasting masterpiece of real estate.


Investor: Tan Hoang Minh Group
Location: No. 6, Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City
Total area: 4,701 m2
Construction area: 2,318 m2
Building density: 49.3%
Total number of floors: 32 floors and 4 basements
Total number of apartments: 242 apartments with 2 to 4 bedrooms, area ranging from 113m2 to 239m2, and dividing into 2 independent areas with 5 apartments,areas,floors
Facilities: Fully furnished furniture and high-class service

- Golden position between Cau Giay District and Ba Dinh District
- Dual-core position
- Administrative and Cultural Center
-Convenient transportation Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
1 minute
Nghia Do Park
2 minutes
E Hospital
5 minutes
Vietnam National University
5 minutes
Lotte Hanoi
5 minutes
Vietnam National Children’s Hospital
10 minutes
Embassy of the Republic of Korea
10 minutes
10 minutes
National Convention Center
15 minutes
Noi Bai Airport
20 minutes

D’. Palais Louis was built based on the aspiration, perfect passion and become a project with timeless beauty, a high-class and sophisticated living space for honorable owners. Every detail at D’. Palais are meticulously and preciously cared by artisan hands with the world’s highest-class and rarest materials. All of these have created a work of art – a convergence of the highest values of architecture, painting and the art of living.


The entire exterior is elaborately covered with hand-crafted granite tiles by applying durable and stylish hanging-stone method that appeared for the first time in Vietnam, combined with advanced molding technology for foundation, introducing the unique, powerful beauty of an everlasting masterpiece.

Bronze door

Monolithic bronze door system with revolving door design being meticulously sculpted by famous Chinese copper artisans will surely leave a lasting impression on everyone once entering to D’. Palais Louis.


Behind the bronze door is a magnificent hall, where the quintessence of art awakes all senses. Inside the hall, there is a magnificent space with a dome of 12.5m high decorated with a painting reappearing the peak of Renaissance art, introducing the royal atmosphere. Under bright crystal chandeliers, the sparkling precious marbles, emeralds and onyx stones create a magical and enchanting scenario.


D’. Palais Louis is the only place in Vietnam where the living space becomes a world famous Art Basel with famous Italian artist’s hand-painting Old Masters pictures.


The skylight space is transformed into an elegant European royal garden. Under the dome inspired by the Louvre Museum’s dome, the space lights up with sunshine beaming everywhere, harmonizing with fresh plants and the melodious sound of musical fountain. The owners can take a leisurely walk, listen to the sounds of nature, and find the balance in their life.

Otis Elevator

Moving slightly like the clouds is definitely the experience that the elevator introduces at D’. Palais Louis. With a single press in one minute, Otis’s gilded light-transmitting elevator, the world’s most expensive elevator will operate at a speed of 2m/s and smoothly take the “king” to 32 floors of the project.


Garage features a unique, smart, and modern design with a slope of 3% appeared for the first time in Vietnam. With such slope, 3 basements at D’. Palais Louis can be considered as 7 normal basements, and the vehicles can be parked at any position inside the basements.


To be worthy of honorable owners, at D’. Palais Louis, we introduce world-class facilities and services with modern, luxurious furniture and equipment, unique architectural design and dedicated service attitude, willing to satisfy even the most fastidious customers.

Four-season pool

Enjoy relaxing moments with the four-season pool located on the roof while immersing yourself in the clear blue water to evoke your pristine, relaxing emotional

Sauna Massage system

Sauna and massage area is the perfect place for you to get rid of all anxiety, completely relax and feel the fresh energy being regenerated inside your body.

GYM room

High-class gym room with modern equipment, professional support services will help you learn to love your body, boost your spirits and balance your life


At an altitude of 120m with panoramic city view, the skybar brings to its guests a relaxed feeling while immersing themselves in nature and colorful city lights.


The superior Japanese – Chinese restaurant system introduces rich, sophisticated culinary taste by famous chefs in a luxurious and high-class space.

Vvip Club

Vvip Club has its own private entrance separated from the main lobby and gilded elevators that will lead VVIP guests to the Italian-like “Godfather” wine and cigar lounge . The guests will enjoy memorable moments with perfect glasses of wine and passionate melodious music.


At D’. Palais Louis, we provide the first personal insurance service in Vietnam with modern international standard technology that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The most precious treasures and assets of the owners shall be stored and safely secured.

Luxury concierge services

Luxury concierge services are available 24/7 to ensure the ideal experience of the owners. Feel free to contact the Conceirge counter in the lobby, all your individual needs will be delivered with dedication.

D’. Palais Louis is a place that gather the world’s leading brands to not only ensure the comfort and pleasure experience but also affirm the unique mark for each owner

This is not simply the Kohler brand applied in luxury hotels and villas, Kohler products at D’. Palais Louis are the highest-class, most expensive products directly manufactured in the US and decorated by talented artisans with unique golden textures and patterns, inspiring endless creativity and forming delicate beauty.


Grohe is a high-class German brand with over 100 years of development, and one of the world’s most prestigious names in the field of sanitary equipment. Grohe is an outstanding representative for its quality, high ranking and diverse applicability in interior designs, from classic to modern, from minimalist to luxurious designs.


Whirlpool is a leading US manufacturing brand in the field of electronics which was founded over 100 years ago. Thanks to its superior features and durability, Whirlpool has always been the optimal choice for modern families, laundry facilities, hotels and luxury apartments.


Fede is the leading outlet supplier in Europe. Fede’s products are often present in luxurious mansions of Russian billionaires. Each product is not only simply designed to be a switch but also the most beautiful decoration item made of most expensive and premium materials combined with 24k gold, gemstones, crystals, crocodile skin


Bosch is one of the top brands in Europe for its high-end home appliances which are manufactured with the advanced German industrial platform. Bosch’s home appliances demonstrate its class in designs and quality. It’s the advanced technology and the outstanding lifetime of each product that built trust from the consumers.

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